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Participants obligations


1. Participants in the JSFL (the "Lab" or "JSFL", "Participant" respectively) are obligated to make themselves fully available for all activities of the Lab for a period of seven to eight months, as detailed in the schedule of activities appearing in Lab's website ("Time Schedule"), or within any reasonable changes made to the said schedule.


In this document– the term Participant shall mean a filmmaker which is working on his first feature. The term Producer shall mean a person or an entity who engages with the Participant to produce the said feature. 


2. Throughout the entire duration of the Jerusalem based activities, the JSFL will host the participants from across the world and from Israel, and will provide local transportation, lodging, and board (full breakfast; lunch and/or dinner). 


3. Participants must pay all air-travel costs. In many countries bursaries and scholarships are available for this kind of training. If objective circumstances (such as security situation or a pandemic, etc.) prevent the Lab to be held in Jerusalem than the Lab shall be organized and held through interactive measures (i.e. zoom meetings) and participants are obliged to attend all interactive meetings and program.


4. The Producers of the films are required to attend and participate in the third session which takes place in July including pitch preparation, one-on-one meetings, and the pitching event and in one meeting at each of the first two sessions- via zoom.

The Producers must pay all air costs and any other costs. JSFL will cover two nights of lodging for the Producers. 


5. Participation fee in the amount 0f EUR 1,000 will be paid two weeks after receiving the acceptance letter. The fee will be paid in one installment via bank transfer in net sum free of all bank transfer fees and taxes if applicable. This fee is nonrefundable.


6. JSFL participants understand that the work process in the Lab demands full cooperation with the script editors and the JSFL administration, adherence to the Time Schedule and to these regulations, and a full obligation to strive towards the common process with diligence, depth, and a positive spirit.


7. Participants pledge to refrain from participation in other writing workshops/labs during the work process of the JSFL and the writing of the scripts, unless with the written approval of the Film Lab administration.


8. JSFL participants understand that all activities of the Lab will be carried out in the English language. JSFL participants and Producers are personally responsible for any and all translation expenses incurred in the projects/presentation's material/previous films.


9. Participants will make English-language publicity information available to the JSFL administration, including a curriculum vitae, still photos, and excerpts from previous films. The JSLF reserves the right to use this information in its publications in Israel and abroad. Participants agree to be interviewed on their work, within the framework of the Film Lab.


10. The participants will take part in a wide range of activities of the JSFL work, including but not limited to: masterclasses, feedback on their colleagues' scripts, networking with the Israeli and worldwide film industry, film students from Israel, a tour in Jerusalem and more.


11. Within the frame of the JSFL third session, the participants (directors/writers and Producers) will participate in a pitch training session held in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


12.  For the final session and the pitching event, the filmmaker and Producer will shoot one (3 min.) scene from the film, which is to be screened at the pitching. All expenses incurred will be borne by the filmmaker and the Producer. The rights will be of the Participant, but the Lab will be entitled to use it in any media it chooses to, with no charge.


13.  At the closing ceremony of the Lab, the chairperson of the jury will announce the winning projects. From the day of announcement, the winner of the production prizes donated by The Beracha foundation, project's filmmaker and Producer will have a period of 24 months in which they can request the grant from the Lab.


75% of the grant will be transferred to the personal bank account of the Participant on the first day of filming. The remaining 25% will be transferred to the personal bank account of the Participant after the Participant sends a final cut of the film, including the Lab's credits, according to the provided guidelines. In case the project is Israeli- the director/writer will issue an invoice for the Lab. The Award sum includes VAT. It is hereby clarified that the grant is a personal grant to the Participant and shall not be paid to any third party and/or to any legal entity (i.e company, partnership, etc.)


14.  Should the shooting of the film not begin in a period of up to 24 months from the initial announcement, or if the film does not have a specific date to start principal shooting approved by the JFSL director, the JSFL is entitled to cancel the grant and under such cancelation, the Participant will not be entitled to take any legal claim against the Lab or its directors.   


15. Notwithstanding the above mentioned, the Lab's director may, in writing, authorize a deferment of up to 6 months in giving the grant. Requests for a deferment of the grant funds will be sent, by the Participant, in writing, no later than 20 months after the initial announcement.


16. Once a film reaches production, participants and Producers commit to grant credit to the JSFL within the body of the film, stating the film was developed at the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab, in the JSFL credit format.  Moreover, the production will note the development of the script at the JSFL in all film publicity, including all remakes / spin-off products from the film, should they be created (books, plays, etc.), and in any existing or future media:

  • In the body of the film- Credits annex attached.

  • On the film's poster- JSFL logo

  • Press release- mentioning the fact that the film was developed in the JSFL.

  • Commercial ads- JSFL logo

  • Invitation for premieres- JSFL logo

  • Festival's book- the Lab's name and logo

  • IMDB Lab's credit: Production Company (Development at)


17. The Producer and Participant will be obliged to provide a link to the final film, and to authorize educational screenings at the Sam Spiegel School and Labs, free of rights fee. 


18. The administration of the JSFL is authorized at any stage to cease the activities of a participant who does not meet all the conditions, or who was unable for any reason to work within the framework of the Lab, to maintain its scheduled timetable, and/or to advance in the writing of the script and/or to perform in the spirit of the JSFL.


19. A participant and/or a Producer who ceases his participation in the JSFL upon his own decision will be held fully liable for the expenses which were incurred by the Lab as a result of his participation.


20. JSFL and JSFS shall not be liable to any loss and/or expense and/or damage which was occurred to the Participant and/or Producer as a result of his/their participation in the Lab or as a result of their qualification to the Lab. Participant and/or Producer hereby waive any claim if whatsoever merit of claim (including without derogating of the generality of the above negligence) they might have against the Lab and/or JSFS with respect to the Lab. 


21. The Program is subject to force major such as security issues and pandemics. 

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