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Oshri Zeituni

Project Name:

Ice and Cream


Kobi Azran



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On a cold winter in Haifa, Mazali (20) declares war upon Amos (45), her abusive father, as she conceals her mother and younger siblings in a hideout.


Mazali (translated to ‘my luck’) is almost 20, she is an online-pirated therapist. She resides in a mixed neighborhood in Haifa, at a studio apartment with her mother Dina, little brothers and fear of male touch. Dina (42) was recently released from a women's shelter, she is needy and Mazali gives in to it. Amos (45), Mazali’s father, feels as if luck slips through his hands and continuously tries to get his family united. Mazali refuses to go back and is willing to pay any price, both physically and mentally, as she vividly remembers the night the family disbanded.

Director's Note

Oshri Zeituni is a young artist, writer and director who believes in the mystic possibility of cinema to unite all pages of history. With a sensible approach and profound knowledge, she touches societal matters and paves a new form of female voice.


Oshri Zeituni graduated with honors from directing and screenwriting at the Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv. Zeituni, director and screenwriter of the short film “Pleasures of the Flesh in the Sun”,a pitching winning project of an initiation by TIFF. She has produced and directed films as part of social campaigns to raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes. In 2018 she directed the short film “Flood” which received an award at Munich Film Festival. The film became a lecture increasing discussion around domestic violence across high schools in Israel.


Producer profile

An independent film producer who graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film Institute in 2013, Kobi Azran specializes in creative projects with upcoming talents who have a unique voice. In the last decade, he has produced several short films, documentaries and dramas, and many of these films have won awards at some of the biggest festivals: "Daily Bread"- (Venice 2014) and EFA nominee, “Ella's Men"- (Locarno 2017), "Fatherland"- (Brussels 2016), "Intergalactic Samurai"- (ISFF 2017)

Production company profile

Solyo productions ltd. Provide production services and collaborated with many of the leading Israeli directors and production houses on films and TV series. Credits include V.I.P, Sad City Girls, The Good City, Kachaze, Ron, Honey Mood, The Future, The Art of Waiting, and many more.
These days the company produces (in partnership with Gaudamus)  "The Grocery", a full-length feature film, supported by the Israeli Film Fund.

Solyo Productions, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972- 52-5408911

Production Budget

Production Budget: $883,000

Funds invested: $32,000 -Israeli film funds





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