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Hajni Kis

Project Name:

Ich Bin Marika


Júlia Berkes



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MARIKA (55) moves from Hungary to Germany to become the caregiver of a problematic elderly couple in order to make enough money to get her husband out of jail


Marika (55) is cashier in a Budapest supermarket. One day, her long-lost love, Jani (55), re-appears in her life. He takes on a highway construction job in Germany, but causes a mass accident and is imprisoned. Marika decides to do what she can to get him out. In order to pay a lawyer, she goes to work for an elderly couple in Germany. Caring for Ulrich (85) and Susana (82) truly puts her to the test, and Marika’s life is turned drastically upside down.

Director's Note

I shot my first film in a nursing home for 6 months. Things I saw there changed my outlook on what to present in life. I consider old age to be one of the most important periods, when even the thickest walls we've constructed can collapse in an instant. I would like to highlight the interdependence we humans have, regardless of nationality, culture, language, religion, social class, or gender.



Producer profile

Juli Berkes is a Hungarian producer. After finishing her studies, she began working at Proton Cinema as a line producer and made several international feature films. Since 2009, she has produced a series of shorts and feature films. Her passion lies in finding new young talents of Hungarian cinema. She has produced 5 short films and 3 feature films by Gabor Reisz as well as a short and the first feature film of Hajni Kis. Her latest features include Evolution by Kornél Mundruczó (Cannes, 2021) and Explanation for Everything by Gabor Reisz (premiering later in 2023). Juli is an EAVE and Producers on the Move alumni. Proton Cinema is a Budapest-based independent film and theatre production company. Established in 2003 by producer Viktória Petrányi and director Kornél Mundruczó, the company aims to provide opportunities for creative people who want to see the world and have it seen.

Production company profile

Company name, city Proton Cinema , Budapest, Hungary contact email

Production Budget

contact telephone number +3670 422 7110 The production budget in USD :2.582.122 USD confirmed budget in USD and source : 503.655 USD Creative Europe /Media Slate : 43.147 USD Filmjus Fund for scriptwriting: 1402 USD Tax rebate (automatic): 459.106 USD




German, Hungarian, Turkish, English

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