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Catherine Cosme

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Julie Esparbes (Hélicotronc)



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An immersion into the life of Gloria, a former professional boxer who is raising her autistic son alone. When Antoine is expelled from school, the fragile balance of their lives is shaken.

Gloria will have to open up to others and above all accept her son's autism.


Gloria is raising her autistic son Antoine (15 years old) alone. She strives to make her son's life as 'normal' as possible. During the weekly school swimming class, Antoine almost drowns Lucie (13 years old). This incident affects not only Gloria's life but also that of Ajar, Lucie's mother. Despite their hostile feelings, Gloria and Ajar must find a way to get along. As an unexpected friendship develops between them, each mother will experience a new dimension of what it means to be a parent.

Director's Note

With "Bagarres", I want to pay tribute to mothers like Gloria, to their tenacity in this world where taking care of autistic children remains an everyday struggle, given the inadequacy of  institutions.

“Bagarre” is about those who are invisible, the ones society rejects. I wanted a film that moves towards enlightenment, encourages breaking down barriers and - through the meeting of Gloria and Ajar - towards sorority, as an invitation from society to the possibility of not being perfectly "normal".


Head production designer of numerous film and theater projects, Catherine directed her

first short film in 2015, "Les amoureuses", a sensual film about female desire, which met great

success in festivals. In 2018, her 2nd short, “Famille" - an immersion into Lisa's home, where a migrant Somali family is welcomed - was selected in more than forty festivals, including

Clermont-Ferrand or Palm Springs.

"Bagarres" is her début feature.


Producer profile

Hélicotronc is a production company created in 2002. The company has produced nearly a hundred films, including shorts and features, fictions, documentaries and series. Most of these films have been widely presented in festivals and on television, some in the most prestigious ones: Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Toronto.

In the most recent titles of the company: the feature film “Madly in life”, by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, winner of 7 Magritte in 2022, and notably the Magritte of the Best Film; the series “Good Pepole”, coproduced by RTBF and Arte France, which premiered at Series Mania 2022 and the feature film “Dalva”, by Emmanuelle Nicot, which was presented at La Semaine de la Critique 2022 and won 3 awards there (Prix de la Révélation, Rail d’Or, and Prix Fipresci).

Production company profile


16 rue de Suisse

1060 Brussels – Belgium


Production Budget

Production budget: 2,2 M€





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