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  1.  Iris | Myrsini Aristidou | Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany
    Producers: Nathalie Dennes, Monica Nicolaidou, Konstantina Stavrianou &Rena Vougioukalou, Léa Germain & Wim Wenders, Myrsini Aristidou
    Production Company: The Living, Filmblades, Graal, Road Movies, 1.61 Films

    The life of 13-year-old Iris is forever altered when she forms an unlikely bondwith her estranged father and gets captivated by his world. 

  2. English Animals | Claire Oakley | UKProducers: Serena Armitage, Pietro Greppi.
    Production Company: Red Breast Productions and Lunapark Pictures

    Mirka (23), an idealistic Slovakian woman living in England, falls in love withher new employer, an upper-class British woman who is married. The filmfollows the repercussions of this cross-cultural love affair and is both apassionate romance and a moral fable

  3. Windless | Pavel G. Vesnakov | Bulgaria
    Producer: Veselka Kiryakova
    Production Company: Red Carpet

    A piece of desolate land stands between a young boy and his estranged relatives in a battle for lost dignity.

  4. Girls Will Be Girls | Shuchi Talati | India, France
    Producer: Richa Chadha, Sanjay Gulati, Claire Chassagne
    Production Company: Pushing Buttons Studio, Crawling Angel Films, Dolce Vita Films

    Sixteen year old Mira finds her sexy, rebellious coming-of-age hijacked by her mother who never got to come of age.

  5. The Other Son | Juan Sebastián Quebrada | Colombia, France 
    Producers: Franco Lolli, Evidencia Films Grégoire Debailly, Geko Films

    Following his younger brother’s fatal fall from a balcony at a party, a teenage boy attempts to live a normal life during his final weeks of school.

  6. Sisters | Marianna Brennand Fortes | Brazil 
    Producer: Marianna Brennand Fortes and Carolina Benevides 
    Production Company: Inquietude 

    Marcielle is 13 years old, the eldest daughter of an impoverished family on Amazon region. Having suffered sexual abuse at home, she will do everything in her power to protect herself and her younger sister Carol from the violence of their father.  

  7. Finally | Tom Nesher | Israel 
    Producer: Keren Michael 
    Production companies: Dori Media Group, Artomas Communications LTD.

    When Inbar’s (20) beloved young brother (17) dies in an accident, she takes desperate measures to fill the void that has been created in her life. When she discovers he had a girlfriend, these measures assume a passionate and dangerous twist.

  8. Aliya | Dekel Berenson| Israel 
    Producers: Paul Wesley, Marek Rozenbaum, Alexander Rodnyansky. 
    Production companies attached - Transfax Film Productions, AR Content, Three Color Films

    Aliya, an 18-year-old recent immigrant from Ukraine, finds meaning in her recently discovered Jewish identity and feelings of patriotism towards her newly adopted country, where she trains to become a drill instructor in the Israeli army. After a series of escalating violent incidents, Aliya struggles to complete her course as she re-evaluates her values, her role in Israeli society,and in training young men in the military. 

  9. Seven Chapters in Survival | Odeya Rosenak |Israel 
    Producer: Marek Rozenbaum 
    Production companies: Transfax Film Productions 

    One liner: An orphan girl, fleeing a symbiotic relationship with her father, embarks on a journey across Israel that will change her life forever. 

  10. The Doubt | Ihab Jadallah| Israel 
    Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg 
    Production companies: 2-Team Productions 

    Amal maintained her family during the prison time of her husband. When he is released, she finds herself facing the doubts of Ibrahim who cannot believe that the smuggled sperm that brought his son Yousef to the world are truly his.

  11. Island | Elinor Nechemya | Israel 
    Producer: Ronen Ben-Tal, Production company: Plan B Productions 

    Rona is seduced into a bizarre sex game with the other tenants in a middle- class building complex in suburbia, awakening her passion in the most unexpected place. 

  12. Oxygen | Netalie Braun| Israel 
    Producer: Adi Bar Yossef 
    Production company : BARYO Film & TV productions 

    Upon the outbreak of war, a soldier at the end of his duty service tells his mother that he's decided to enter Lebanon with his company. His mother refuses to wait for any bad news.

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